Six down, ten to go: don’t miss out

The first six AHDA and AMTRA CPD events have taken place over the last two weeks from Devon to Aberdeen, and have been well received by SQPs. We’re expecting over 500 SQPs will have attended one of the series of events.

On Monday 7 March we are in Carmarthenshire, moving to Wrexham, Hexham and Penrith by 10 March. Those four events have companion animal and VMD content in the afternoon, with farm animal worm and fluke control, plus VMD content, in the evening. We move to eastern and central England from 28 March for five companion animal events. More details and booking forms on the AMTRA website.

Don’t forget there are still four more of the very popular BETA events (including a new date of 7 April near Wetherby), and the Merial events at Twycross and Bristol Zoos – more details on the AMTRA website.

In response to demand we are in the early stages of planning an AHDA/AMTRA CPD event in Northern Ireland in mid-May. More details soon.

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